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Material Handling - Schmalz

Schmalz Vacuum Lifters, Schmalz Large Area Gripping System FX Vacuum Lifters

Schmalz Vacuum Lifts Large Area Gripping System FX/FXC Photo

Schmalz Vacuum Lifts Large Area Gripping System FX/FXC

The vacuum generator guarantees maximum effectiveness because of the injector's direct integration right at the point of impact in the gripper. This integration also enhances reliability and avoids projecting edges and the risk of damages, since no tubes, distributors or fastening elements must be installed between the vacuum generator and the gripper.

All versions of the large-area vacuum gripping systems include a quick-change sealing plate that can be exchanged quickly and economically. Operating safety and a high degree of equipment availability are ensured by the soil-resistant valve technology, which results in easy cleaning. The intelligent vacuum generation saves energy, while at the same time ensuring the fastest cycle times.

The optional separation function, allows layerwise handling of air-permeable work pieces. Separation pulse flows through the sheets and prevents several sheets from sticking together when the top sheet is gripped.

schmalz vacuum lifts 1
  • 1. Basic Body
  • 2. Vacuum Indicator
  • 3. Vacuum Generator
  • 4. End Cover with Functional Elements
  • 5. Slots
  • 6. Valve Module
  • 7. Sealing Elements
1. Basic Body
  • Extruded aluminum section
  • Variable lengths; also variable widths by blocking together
  • Protective housing for vacuum generator
2. Vacuum Indicator
  • Vacuum gauge (Manometer) for analogure measurement and monitoring of the vacuum
3. Vacuum Generator
  • Lightweight, push in ejector
  • Quickly replaceable
  • Alternatively with up to 4 multi-stage ejector blocks for optimum power adjustment
4. End Cover with Functional Elements
  • For Connections "Sensor", "Blow Off" and "Separate"
5. Slots
  • For flexible mechanical mounting of the gripper
6. Valve Module
  • With valve technology SW as low-cost version
  • With valve technology SVKW for short cycle times
7. Sealing Elements
  • Sealing plate
  • Flexible and hard-wearing
  • various hole spacings, depending on workpiece width
  • quickly replaceable
Vacuum Switch VS-V-D-PNP, End Cover
  • Incl. accessories for connection in end cover
Mounting kit 4x Slot Nuts M8
  • Consisting of slot nut and screws
  • 4pcs slot nut 20x20mm, M8
  • 4pcs screws M8x16
Mounting Kit for Robot Flange
  • Constining of 2pcs flange plates connected by pipe
  • Especially suitable for connection to industrial robots with hole circle diameter 85mm
  • Complete with 4pcs slot nuts
Mounting kit for Spring Mounting
  • Consisting of flange plate and spring plunger Type FSTF
  • Flange plate 120x120x10mm
  • Spring plunger with damping, height compensation and flexible mounting
  • Incl. Connecting cable, connector for hose 8/6
Connecting Cable for Solenoid-valve
  • 2.5 m length, with LED
Vacuum Hose
  • Hose for Vacuum and Compressed-air systems, with a length of 1 m
schmalz vacuum lifts 2 Sawing of wood panels is a dangerous and accurate work. The Warsaw Machinery company integrates into their automated saw systems, the large-area gripping system FXC. It enabled the handling for various workpieces in undefined positions. The workpiece can e.g. transport from a conveyor to the saw. The saw can edit the workpiece and then it will be stored in a box. The centered adaption enabled the sawing around the workpiece without repeated clamping. This is the reason for a fast, accurate and cost-effective woodworking. The intelligent vacuum generation saves energy, while at the same time ensuring the fastest cycle times. The quick-change sealing plate enabled the damage- and marking-free transport.
Schmalz Vacuum Lifts Movie
schmalz vacuum lifts 3 The large-area vacuum gripping system FXC is often used for the handling of doors. The FXC enabled the gripping of doors without damage and marking. The gripping system put down the doors on exactly position.Moreover, it can put spacer between the doors. These properties are important in automated palletizing and depalletizing. The FXC can handled the various doors with and without a cutout. The high suction force enable high acceleration and fast cycle times.
Schmalz Vacuum Lifts Movie 2
schmalz vacuum lifts 3 This application example shows a solution for the fully automatic loading of a stationary CNC machine. The furniture parts, with varying dimensions, are lifted with only one vacuum crossbeam.

This system uses both standard flat suction pads - at positions which are always in contact with the workpiece - and flexible flat suction pads - at positions which are not always in contact. This solution ensures safe handling while permitting cost optimisation.

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Large Area Gripping System FX/FXC
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