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Material Handling - Schmalz

Schmalz Vacuum Lifters, Schmalz JumboFlex Vacuum Lifters

Schmalz Vacuum Lifts JumboFlex Photo

Schmalz Vacuum Lifts JumboFlex

The vacuum tube lifter JumboFlex is perfect for frequent, very quick transfer of more lightweight goods with a weight of up to 35 kg. The JumboFlex is the perfect handling solution which can be operated ergonomically and easily by using only one hand.

Schmalz Vacuum Lifts Precise One-Hand Operation:
  • Integrated one-finger control
  • Easy operation for right-handed/left-handed persons
  • Sensitive dosing of lifting speed
  • Turning on/shutting off and separation of load via a single control element
Schmalz Vacuum Lifts 1 Setting of the Hovering Position:
  • Easy setting of hovering height for the vacuum tube lifter JumboFlex without load
Schmalz Vacuum Lifts 2 Flexible Intake of the Load:
  • Lateral intake of workpieces with a suction head that can be pivoted by 90
  • Workpieces are automatically turned horizontally after intake
Schmalz Vacuum Lifts 3 Continuous Rotation Possible:
  • Vacuum tube lifter JumboFlex can be rotated continuously
  • Workpieces taken in can also be rotated continuously below the control element; locking in 90 steps
Schmalz Vacuum Lifts 4 Quick-Change Adapter:
  • Serially integrated in the vacuum tube lifter JumboFlex and in all suction pads
  • Permits tool-less change of all suction pads within seconds

Technical Data

Schmalz Vacuum Lifts 5

The modular Jumbo system can do almost anything: regardless of whether you want to stack boxes on pallets, load barrels on a truck, stack metal or wooden sheets, move stones or furniture - with the Jumbo, you always have the best solution. All transport operations can be carried out faster, more ergonomically and more safely with the Jumbo.

The modular system permits the construction of a tailor-made solution for almost any task.

Schmalz Vacuum Lifts 6

Schmalz Vacuum Lifts 7 Vacuum Pumps EVE 25/40:
  • Electrically powered vacuum generators for the JumboHandy
Schmalz Vacuum Lifts 8 Feed Hose VSL:
  • Connects the vacuum generator to the vacuum tube lifter Jumbo
  • Hoses lengths of up to 30 meters are possible if a hose with an internal diameter of 25 mm is used
Schmalz Vacuum Lifts 9 Lifting Unit:
  • A wide range of lifting units are available, depending on the maximum load, the lifting height and the workpiece weight
  • Compact design and easy handling thanks to the single-tube system
  • 2 Standard lifting strokes: 1700 mm, 2100mm
  • Optionally available in stainless steel
  • Optionally available for use in explosion-hazard areas to ATEX
Schmalz Vacuum Lifts 10 The Jumbo Operator Handle:
  • Precise movement and positioning of loads at bench-top heights (horizontal movement)
  • Ideal one-hand operation for light objects which have to be moved frequently

Suction Pads

If you want to lift a stone slab, a cardboard box or a sheet of wood, it is not the weight which is important, but the selection of the correct suction pad.
The many different standard suction pads can be combined freely with all types of lifting tubes. You can thus easily and quickly assemble the best solution for your handling task.

Three different standard suction pads and many customer-specific suction pads are available for your application.

Schmalz Vacuum Lifts 11 Round Suction pad RG:
  • For glued cardboard boxes, barrels, cans, furniture bodies, rolls of film and foil, buckets etc.
  • Maximum load of 35 kg
Schmalz Vacuum Lifts 12 Double Suction pads DG:
  • For clamped, glued, strapped or open cardboard boxes, furniture bodies etc.
  • Both suction pads are mounted to the crossbeam in either a fixed or an adjustable position
  • Maximum load of 35 kg
Schmalz Vacuum Lifts 13 Sack suction pad SG:
  • For Plastic sacks, welded packages etc.
  • Maximum load of 25 kg
Schmalz Vacuum Lifts 14 Box Gripper:
  • For transportation and storage boxes from all commercial manufacturers
  • Maximum load of 35 kg
Schmalz Vacuum Lifts 15 Single-hook Head:
  • For buckets, cans etc.
  • For mechanically hanging various workpieces
  • Maximum load of 35 kg

In addition to the standard suction pads, Schmalz naturally also develops special grippers and gripper solutions for your specific requirements

Crane Systems

Thanks to their efficiency, Schmalz slewing cranes and crane systems are able to optimise the internal material flow and satisfy at the same time the ever-increasing demands within intralogistics. Different working areas, load classes and aluminium or steel crane rails facilitate their use in a variety of applications. The cranes as standard version have been designed especially for indoor applications. The following overview will enable you to quickly determine the best crane solution for your applicaton.

From us, you receive all services from a single source:

  • We carry out the complete planning for you.
  • We measure your planned operating area and suggest the appropriate crane.
  • We check the mounting possibilities (wall, ceiling, column, ...).
  • We deliver the complete system with all electrical, pneumatic and/or vacuum supplies.
  • If desired, we also install and commission the system.
  • The annual safety inspection of the crane, chain hoist and lifting device is part of our comprehensive service package VacuService
Crane Systems and Cranes
Schmalz Vacuum Lifts 16 Radio Control (SRC):
  • The innovative Schmalz Radio Control increases productivity in manufacturing and is a worthwhile investment for saving energy costs. I allows the operator to switch the pump ergonomically and directly at the operating unit. Even large distances between the vacuum tube lifter and the vacuum generator are no problem.
Schmalz Vacuum Lifts 17 Feed Hose VSL:
  • Connects the vacuum generator to the vacuum tube lifter Jumbo
  • Hoses lengths of up to 30 meters are possible if a hose with an internal diamter of 25 mm is used (as illustrated)
Schmalz Vacuum Lifts 18 Motor protection switch MSS:
  • For switching the vacuum generator on and off
  • To protect the vacuum generator against excessivly high currents
Schmalz Vacuum Lifts 19 Schmalz BlowerBox SBB:
  • For installation of vacuum blowers and pumps
  • Reduces the noise output to only 65 dB (A)
  • Optionally available with kit for mounting on a crane column
Schmalz Vacuum Lifts 20 Dust Filter STF:
  • For handling dirty objects or working in dusty surroundings
  • Easy maintenance with replaceable filter cartridges
  • Optionally available with filter monitoring
Schmalz Vacuum Lifts 22 Pressure-Reduction Valve:
  • For continuous adjustment of the pressure at the ejector inlet
  • Complete with shut-off valve
Blower Console For attaching the vacuum generator, or the silencer box and the dust filter to an existing crane column in a horizontal or vertical position
Schmalz Vacuum Lifts 23 Fast Handling of Cardboard boxes with the Vacuum Tube Lifter JumboFlex:
  • The Vacuum tube lifter JumboFlex is perfect for frequent, very quick transfer of more lightweight goods with a weight of up to 35 kg.

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