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Material Handling - Schmalz

Schmalz Vacuum Lifters, Schmalz JumboErgo Vacuum Lifters

Schmalz Vacuum Lifts JumboErgo Photo

Schmalz Vacuum Lifts JumboErgo

With a rotary handle similar to the gas handle on a motorcycle, both lightweight and heavy loads can be handled quickly and sensitively with this control element. The workpiece is lowered by "accelerating" and lifted by "decelerating". The rotation and direction of rotation avoid uncontrolled movements with the lifting device, for example, if the operator slips off the control unit.

At the same time, the JumboErgo guarantees ergonomic posture at every working height. The movable handlebar permits ergonomic picking of loads at large heights or directly from the floor.

Construction, Functions & Performance of the Jumbo

  • The load is gripped and lifted by a single medium, namely vacuum.
  • A modular system of variable basic components which can be combined in many different ways permits simple adaption of the unit to meet individual requirements.
  • A quick acting non-return valve and the large area of the suction pad(s) ensure that the load is not dropped - even if the electric power or the compressed-air supply fails.
  • The design complies with the German accedent-prevention regulations (BGR/BGV 500)
Schmalz Vacuum Lifts Ergonomics:
  • Compliance with the latest ergonomic considerations ensures that the use of the Jumbo does not endanger the health of the user
  • Operation as for JumboErgo
  • Ergonomical handling of loads at great heights or for picking up from the floor

Jumbo Models and Maximum Loads

The JumboFlex is available in sizes 20 and 35
The JumboErgo and JumboSprint in the sizes 35 to 300

The number shows the maximum load in each case: JumboErgo 85 can thus lift loads weighing up to 85 kg.

Schmalz Vacuum Lifts 1

The Modular Jumbo System

The modular Jumbo system can do almost anything: regardless of whether you want to stack boxes on pallets, load barrels on a truck, stack metal or wooden sheets, move stones or furniture - with the Jumbo, you always have the best solution. All transport operations can be carried out faster, more ergonomically and more safely with the Jumbo.

The modular system permits the construction of a tailor-made solution for almost any task.

Schmalz Vacuum Lifts 2

The variable Basic Components

The Variable Basic Components
Schmalz Vacuum Lifts 3 Vacuum Generators:
  • Vacuum blowers for the handling of porous workpieces with the JumboSprint and JumboErgo
  • Blower SB-V is frequency-regulated for optimal adjustment of the suction capacity and the vacuum to the requirements of many different applications
  • Blower SB-L Ex is suitable for use in explosion-hazard areas to ATEX
Schmalz Vacuum Lifts 4 Feed Hose VSL:
  • Connects the vacuum generator to the vacuum tube lifter Jumbo
  • Hoses lengths of up to 50 meters are possible if a hose with an internal diameter of 60 mm is used
Schmalz Vacuum Lifts 5 Lifting Unit:
  • A wide range of lifting units are available, depending on the maximum load, the lifting height and the workpiece weight
  • Compact design and easy handling thanks to the single-tube system
  • 2 Standard lifting strokes: 1700 mm, 2100mm
  • Optionally available in stainless steel
  • Optionally available for use in explosion-hazard areas to ATEX
Schmalz Vacuum Lifts 6 JumboErgo:
  • Fast and Precise handling of light and heavy loads with the aid of the twist grip (similar to that on a motorcycle)
  • The load is lowered by lowering the wrist and lifted by raising it
  • Safety and a healthy posture at all working heights
Schmalz Vacuum Lifts 7 JumboErgo with Hinged Operator:
  • Operation as for JumboErgo
  • Ergonomical handling of loads at great heights or for picking up from the floor

Suction Pads

If you want to lift a stone slab, a cardboard box or a sheet of wood, it is not the weight which is important, but the selection of the correct suction pad.
The many different standard suction pads can be combined freely with all types of lifting tubes. You can thus easily and quickly assemble the best solution for your handling task.

Eight different standard suction pads and many customer-specific suction pads are available for your application.

Schmalz Vacuum Lifts 8 Single Suction Pag EG:
  • For rigid cartons, sheets, furniture elements, etc.
Schmalz Vacuum Lifts 9 Single Suction Pag EG-Long:
  • For pallets, narrow cartons, beams, square-section tubes, etc.
Schmalz Vacuum Lifts 10 Round Suction Pad RG:
  • For barrels, cans or stone slabs with rough surfaces
Schmalz Vacuum Lifts 11 Sack Gripper SG:
  • For paper and plastic sacks, raw-rubber bales, film-packed products, etc.
Schmalz Vacuum Lifts 12 Double Suction Pad DG:
  • For stapled, glued banded or open cartons, also for crates, pallets, etc.
  • The two suction pads can be positioned freely on a cross beam
Schmalz Vacuum Lifts 13 Quadruple Suction Pad VG:
  • For cartons, sheets and nonrigid objects
  • The suction pads can be positioned freely in both directions
Schmalz Vacuum Lifts 14 Double Suction Pad FM:
  • For product layers, pallets, sheets with holes, aluminium sections, etc. Particularly for workpieces where the gripper does not have 100% coverage
Schmalz Vacuum Lifts 15 Multiple Suction Pad Compact:
  • For soft cartons such as those with loose lids
  • The suction pads adapt themselves optimally to the shape of the workpiece and ensure very safe handling

In addition to the standard suction pads, Schmalz naturally also develops special grippers

Schmalz Vacuum Lifts 16 Quick-Change Adapter SWA:
  • With the optional quick-change adapter SWA, all suction pads can be changed in a matter of seconds

Crane Systems

Thanks to their efficiency, Schmalz slewing cranes and crane systems are able to optimise the internal material flow and satisfy at the same time the ever-increasing demands within intralogistics. Different working areas, load classes and aluminium or steel crane rails facilitate their use in a variety of applications. The cranes as standard version have been designed especially for indoor applications. The following overview will enable you to quickly determine the best crane solution for your applicaton.

From us, you receive all services from a single source:

  • We carry out the complete planning for you.
  • We measure your planned operating area and suggest the appropriate crane.
  • We check the mounting possibilities (wall, ceiling, column, ...).
  • We deliver the complete system with all electrical, pneumatic and/or vacuum supplies.
  • If desired, we also install and commission the system.
  • The annual safety inspection of the crane, chain hoist and lifting device is part of our comprehensive service package VacuService
Crane Systems and Cranes
Schmalz Vacuum Lifts 17 Radio Control (SRC):
  • The Schmalz Radio Control (SRC) allows the operator to switch the blower or the frequency control for SBV blowers on and off ergonomically and directly at the operating unit. Even large distances between the vacuum tube lifter and the vacuum generator are no problem. A solar cell supplies the power.
Schmalz Vacuum Lifts 18 Quick-Change Adapter SWA:
  • With the optional quickchange adapter SWA, all suction pads can be changed in a matter of seconds
Schmalz Vacuum Lifts 19 Feed Hose VSL:
  • Connects the vacuum generator to the vacuum tube lifter Jumbo
  • Hoses lengths of up to 50 meters are possible if a hose with an internal diamter of 60 mm is used (as illustrated)
Schmalz Vacuum Lifts 20 Dust Filter STF:
  • For handling dirty objects or working in dusty surrounding
  • easy maintenance with replaceable filter cartridges
  • Optionally available with filter monitoring
Schmalz Vacuum Lifts 21 Pneumatic Swivelling Unit PSE:
  • Smooth Swivelling by 90
  • Low overall height due to compact design
  • Workpiece remains swivelled even if the air supply fails
  • Maximum load 120 kg
Schmalz Vacuum Lifts 22 Manual Swivelling Unit SE:
  • For manual swivelling by 90, e.g. for setting workpieces on end
  • Maximum load 85 Kg
Schmalz Vacuum Lifts 23 Schmalz BlowerBox SBB:
  • For installation of vacuum blowers and pumps
  • Reduces the noise output toonly 65 dB (A)
  • Optionally available with kit for mounting on a crane column
Blower Console For attaching the vacuum generator, or the silencer box and the dust filter to an existing crane column in a horizontal or vertical position
Schmalz Vacuum Lifts 24 Protective Sleeve:
  • To protect the lifting tube against mechanical damage
  • Easy to clean parking net
  • Space-saving parking of the lifter
  • Protects the gripper and the lifting tube while the lifter is not being used
Schmalz Vacuum Lifts 25 Tube-Cylinder Extension SZV:
  • For deep insertion into highsided crates, cartons, open-grid boxes, etc.
Schmalz Vacuum Lifts 26 Turning Unit DE:
  • For horizontal turing of objects, e.g. for stacking in alternating orientations
  • Handle remains stationary, load can be rotated endlessly
  • Maximum load 200 kg.
Venting Unit For easier release of airtight workpieces.
Schmalz Vacuum Lifts 27 Pressure-Reduction Valve:
  • For continuous adjustment of the pressure at the ejector inlet
  • Complete with shut-off valve
Schmalz Vacuum Lifts 28 Motor Protection Switch MSS:
  • For switching the vacuum generator on and off
  • To protect the vacuum generator against excessively high currents
Schmalz Vacuum Lifts 29 More safety with variable-Lenth Operator Handle:
  • Ensures that the operator remains at a safe distance from the workpiece
Application Examples
Schmalz Vacuum Lifts 30 Ergonomic Transport of Wooden Workpieces: The application shows the JumboErgo 110 when loading a CNC machine ergonomically. The workpieces are exact positioned. The vacuum tube lifter is used for loads weighing up to 110kg and equipped with a quadruple gripper. The suction pads can be adjusted continuously in two directions. This permits optional matching to sheets of different sizes. An additional venting unit ensures quick and reliabl gripping of wooden sheets without damaging their surfaces. In this application the JumboErgo 110 is combined with a column slewing crane.
Schmalz Vacuum Lifts 31 Handling of Heavy Cardboard Boxes with JumboErgo Heavy wooden parts packed in cardboard boxes have to be moved by two suction pads and stacked on pallets in the commissioning department.
Schmalz Vacuum Lifts 32 Ergonomic handling or solar modules The picture shows an application of the solar industry: safe and ergonomic handling of sensitive photovoltaic modules with structured lenses without leaving a mark. The vacuum tube lifter JumboErgo 85 with the swivelling unit PSE, can pick up solar collectors from a stack horizontally and store them on a delivery pallet vertically.
Schmalz Vacuum Lifts 33 Loading and Unloading a Two-Place CNC Machining Centre with the Vacuum Tube Lifter JumboErgo 140 This application shows the vacuum tube lifter JumboErgo loading and unloading a two-place CNC machining centre.

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