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SawStop Table Saws

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SawStop Table Saw

SawStop Saws are the most advanced saws in the world. Each saw is equipped with a safety system that detects when someone accidentally contacts the spinning saw blade, and then stops the blade in milliseconds. In most cases, such an accident would result in just a nick on a SawStop saw, instead of the devastating injury which would likely occur on an ordinary saw.

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Every year in the United States there are tens of thousands of serious injuries on table saws. These injuries change people’s lives and they cost society billions of dollars in medical expenses, lost wages, worker’s compensation, increased insurance rates, lost productivity, etc.

The US Consumer Product Safety Commission reports that every year table saws are involved in:

• Over 60,000 injuries

• Over 3,000 amputations

• $2 billion in injury-related costs

SawStop saws are designed to address this risk. Every SawStop saw includes revolutionary new technology to detect when an accident occurs and stop the blade in milliseconds.

The SawStop safety system includes an electronic detection system that detects when a person contacts the blade. The system induces an electrical signal onto the blade and then monitors that signal for changes. The human body has a relatively large inherent electrical capacitance and conductivity which cause the signal to drop when a person contacts the blade. Wood has a relatively small inherent capacitance and conductivity and does not cause the signal to drop.

This drawing below shows the changes in the electrical signal when a finger touched the teeth of a spinning saw blade during an actual test.

The line represents the electrical signal that dropped quickly when the blade touched the finger. The dips in the signal line illustrate the changes in the electrical signal that were detected as two successive teeth touched the finger. When the detection system sees dips like these, it knows a person has touched the blade.

A fast-acting brake stops the blade when contact is detected. The brake includes a heavy-duty spring to push a block of aluminum, called a brake pawl, into the teeth of the blade to stop the blade from spinning. The spring is held in compression by a fuse wire until contact is detected. When contact is detected, the system sends a surge of electricity through the fuse wire to burn the wire and release the spring. The spring pushes the brake pawl into the teeth of the spinning blade, and the teeth cut into the aluminum and bind, thereby stopping the blade. All this happens in about 3–5 milliseconds, or 1/200th of a second. At the same time, the angular momentum of the blade causes the blade to retract below the table and the power to the motor is shut off.

The brake mechanism is shown in the drawing to the right. The arrow shows how the aluminum brake pawl pivots into the teeth of the blade. The brake pawl is part of a replaceable cartridge that includes the spring, fuse wire and electronics necessary to burn the fuse wire. An optional dado cartridge provides the same protection for dado cuts

The standard and dado brake cartridges are single-use components that must be changed if the brake is ever activated. Changing a brake cartridge is fast and easy, no more complicated than changing the blade.

Standard Features:

  • SawStop Safety System
    • Blade stops and retracts on accidental contact
    • Protection is always on
    • Performs continuous self checks
    • Invisible protection – does not intefere with work
    • Compatible with all standard blades
    • Works on all woods and non-conductive materials
    • Includes bypass switch for cutting metal
  • European style riving knife to minimize kickback
  • Low profile blade guard for narrow cuts
  • Quick-change mount for guard and riving knife
  • Large start/stop paddle for hands-free shut off
  • Main power switch with removable lock-out key
  • Magnetic contactor motor control
  • Blade shroud for improved dust collection
  • Zero-clearance insert
  • Extra heavy castings
  • Widely spaced trunnions
  • Infinitely adjustable trunnion assembly for precision alignment
  • Cast iron extension wings
  • Vertical slide blade elevation for increased stability
  • Powerful 3HP or 5HP (optional) motor
  • Long-lasting V-ribbed belts
  • 8” cast iron handwheels
  • Two access doors in cabinet
  • Powder-coated cabinet
  • Optional T-Glide™ Fence System
  • Optional 36" or 52" extension table


Machine Specifications

Overall Saw Dimensions:

44" w x 34" d x 34" h
Cabinet Footprint:
20" w x 25" d
Cast Iron Table:
24" w x 30" d, 44" w x 30" d (w/ extension wings)
Extension Wing:
10" w x 30" d
Weights(may vary with motor):
530lbs (table saw only), 635lbs (with 36"fence, table, and rails), 685lbs (with 52"fence, table, and rails)
Shipping Weight:
640 lbs(table saw only)
60-Tooth, Professional Grade, 5/8" arbor
Blade Diameter:
Blade Tilt:
Blade Kerf:
Blade Plate Thickness:
Maximum Depth of Cut, Blade at 0 degrees:
3 1/8"
Maximum Depth of Cut, Blade at 45 degrees:
2 1/4"
Maximum Rip, Right of blade:
52 1/2" (with optional 52" rails)
Maximum Rip, Left of blade:
12 1/2"
Dado Diameter:
8"(requires a separate brake cartridge)
Dado Maximum Width:
Arbor Diameter at Blade:
Main Bearing Size:
62mm OD x 30mm ID
Second Bearing Size:
52mm OD x 25mm ID
Table in front of Blade(max elevation):
Table behind Blade(max elevation):
9 3/4"
Arbor Runout:
0.001" Maximum Allowable Runout
Blade Lateral Movement Over Full Elevation Range:
0.006" Maximum
Table Flatness Measured Diagonally:
0.010" Maximum Gap
Overall Table and Extension Wing Flatness:
0.025" Maximum Gap
Blade Alignment with Miter Slot:
0.010" Maximum Displacement
Deviation of Miter Gauge Indexing Stops from Actual:
0.25 Degrees
Alignment between Splitter and Blade:
0.010" Maximum Difference
Miter Slots:
T-Shaped, 3/4" at top, 1" at bottom, 3/8" deep
Dust Collection Port Diamter:
Riving Knife / Splitter Thickness:
Blade Guard:
Polycarbonate, Extends only 5/8" to right of blade
Zero Clearance, Phenolic Core Melamine Surfaces
Hand Wheels:
8" Diameter, Cast iron with chrome handle
2 V-Ribbed Belts
Motor( All 50-60Hz, TEFC):
3 HP, 1 Phase, 230V, 13A


  • Optional T-Glide Fence System
  • Optional 36" or 52" extension table, Dimensions 24" w x 30" d(36" rails), 40" w x 30" d(52" rails)
  • Dimensions with optional fence and 36" rails: 69 1/4 w x 36 1/2" d x 34" h
  • Dimensions with optional fence and 52" rails: 85 1/4 w x 36 1/2" d x 34" h
    • Optional Motors:
      • 5 HP, 1 Phase, 230 V, 20.5 A
      • 5 HP, 3 Phase, 230 V, 13 A
      • 5 HP, 3 Phase, 480 V, 6.5 A
      • 7.5 HP, 3 Phase, 230 V, 17.8 A
      • 7.5 HP, 3 Phase, 480 V, 9 A

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