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Routers - Manual - C. R. Onsrud

Manual Routers, CR Onsrud Inverted Routers, 500SS Inverted Router

C.R. Onsrud 500 SS Inverted Router Photo

C.R. Onsrud 500 SS Inverted Router

The Onsrud model 500 SS is capable of plunge routing and profiling both inside and outside cuts in hardwoods, softwoods, man-made woods, non ferrous metals, aluminum, and a variety of plastics and composites. The 500 SS is generally best utilized in intermittet duty/light production duty.


  • Throat depth: 20''
  • Table size: 36'' x 24''
  • Maximum workpiece / template height: 4''
  • Dust collection: 200 CFM, 2-5/16'' outlet
  • Compressed air: 80 psi, 4 CFM
  • Motor: 3 HP, 1 Ph
  • Shipping weight: 420 lbs

With the correct tooling and properly made template these models are capable of cutting up to 1/2'' hardwoods and 3/4'' softwoods in one pass. For deeper cuts, the turret-stlye depth stop may be used for cutting material in mutiple passes. The 500 SS C.R. Onsrud Inverted Router features a cast iron overarm, machine frame and spindle mount, along with hardened steel spindle slides resulting in a rigid, accurate machine. The model 500 SS is built to the same high quality standards as the larger, award winning 900 series Onsruds. The model 500 SS produces better quality work up to ten times faster than with a band saw, scroll saw, or hand router. It is more versatile than conventional table routers. The retracting cutter and guide pin allows easy and fast plunge capablility and less cutter exposure. The overhead guide pin means no need for expensive "bearing tools" and their inherent performance and safety problems.


  • 3 HP 220V 1 Ph motor
  • 20,000 RPM spindle
  • 20'' throat depth
  • Mechanical spindle plunge of 0-3''
  • Automatic brake
  • A three position depth stop, infinitely adjustable and conveniently located for quick, easy and accurate setups
  • Instruction manual, template-making video, set-up wrenches, lube gun, and a generous variety of guide pins and collets
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  • C.R. Onsrud 500 SS Inverted Router Literature pdf literature

    Manufacturer Machine Model Stock Number Manufacturer List Price
    C. R. Onsrud
    500 SS

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