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Saws - Cut Off Saws - Razorgage

Saw Stop, RazorGage MiniTouch ST, Saw Stop

RazorGage MiniTouch ST Saw Stop Photo

RazorGage MiniTouch ST Saw Stop

Features a bright touch screen operator interface that allows a dimension such as 25-15/16 inches to be entered by touching only 4 buttons!  The positioner immediately moves to position.  No need to look up and enter the decimal equivalent.  A simple graphical touch screen allows fractional entries down to 1/16th inch increments.  Many other screen menus are available including a simple calibration screen.  This machine accommodates future upgrade to a PC with 15" touch screen should you desire downloading with the popular RazorGage AutoList software.

  • May be mounted onto an existing table or cabinet using standard carriage bolts that fit "T" slots in the bottom of the extrusion.

Basic Units are sold with the following options for your consideration

  • Tables and attach bracket (TAB) for saw.  Extra leg available as an option to the TAB.
    • Includes one leg per section in 6/8/10 foot section
    • For one or both sides of your saw
    • 13.7-inch flat PVC surface standard
    • 12-inch PVC or Steel rollers optional
  • 2-foot stop extension to reach saw blade standard.  Other options available
  • Back fence with high-visibility ruler
    • Rapid observation of random length material dimension or available clear length
  • BMI (Basic Machine Interface) Kit can include solenoid valve and sensor switch with interface cables
    • Prevents RazorGage motion if tool is not in safe position
    • Prevents air activation of tool if RazorGage is in motion

RazorGage ST MinitouchRazorGage ST Minitouch

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MiniTouch ST
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