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Sanders - Wide Belt Sanders - Northtech

Northtech Wide Belt Sander 200 series, Northtech Wide Belt Sander

Northtech - 200 Series Wide Belt Sander  Photo

Northtech - 200 Series Wide Belt Sander

Northtech 200 series wide belt sanders are available with many optional features allowing maximum sanding flexiblity. Northtech 200 series sanders are available in 1-3 head configurations to meet the requirements and demands of both the smaller custom manufacturer as well as commercial woodworking companies

Sanding Configurations
"R" Unit is equipped with 215mm rubber covered contact roller. Rubber hardness is standard at 85 duro/1st head, 70 duro/2nd head, and 60 or 45 duro/3rd head. "C" Unit is a combination of 180mm rubber covered contact roller and width 95mm sanding pad. Polishing platen provides a fine finishing effect on both solid wood components as well as ultra fine sanding capabilities of thicker veneer panels
Single Belt Sanders
Northtech Machinery 1Northtech Machinery 2
Double Belt Series
Northtech Machinery 3Northtech Machinery 4
Triple Belt Series
Northtech Machinery 5Northtech Machinery 6

Northtech Machinery 7 Extended Infeed Table
Extra large infeed table is integrated with 2 ball bearing rubber coated rollders providing support for large heavy panels
Northtech Machinery 8 Wide Polished Platen
By providing a 95mm wide polishing platen, superior finishing is easily accomplished and repeatable. The sanding pad is finitely adjustable via integration with a micro adjusting cam system and scale.
Northtech Machinery 9 "R" Unit Sanding Drum Adjusting Device
A precision calibration dial is employed providingg exacting set up and repeatability. Also affords quick placement of various grit belts particular to their given application.
Northtech Machinery 10 Automatic Braking System
Electronic braking is provided to allow immediate machine shut down should a belt tear or mistrack, or should air pressure fail to maintain correct CFM
Northtech Machinery 11 4 Jack Screw Table Lifting System
Precision (4) jack support and lifting system guarantees a rigid and exact tolerance feeding enviroment. Precision jack screws rated at 2,000 LBS each are the backbone of this rugged table and feed mat station.
Northtech Machinery 12 Holddown Rollers
2 sets of heavy duty holddown rollers are engineered prior to each belt facilitating steady and even feeding.
Northtech Machinery 13 Control Panel
is employed with easy to follow graphic design stations. Electronic thickness readout start/stop button emergency button and signal lamp of safety device are standard to all 200 series sanders. DP-525 auto set up thickness control provides quick and accurate placement of the sanders feed mat in relation to the distance from abrasive groups.
Northtech Machinery 14 Electrical Control Circuit
All controls are both UL and CE approved for maximum performance and safety all sanders are integrated with "Y" Delta/Soft start.
Northtech Machinery 15 Automatic Compensation Device for Feed Belt
Standard on 1100 and 1300
Northtech Machinery 16 Variable Feed Speed Device
Affords a complete range of feeding speeds from 15-60 FPM to suit for various sanding requirements.
Northtech Machinery 17 Safety Bar
The front of infeed table and feed entry are fitted with safety bar which will automatically shut down machine functions due to overthick product or activated by operator in case of emergency.
Northtech Machinery 18 De-Nibbing Heads
for sealer sanding and de-fuzzing of veneered panels are also available upon special request. Different grits and densities are available per customer's custom requirements.
Northtech Machinery 19 Belt Cleaning Station
Blower jet system facilitates extended abrasives life and improved cooling of abrasives. Belt cleaning system is designed with oscilating movement and also is employed with an adjustable/automatic timer to reduce consumption of compressed air.
Northtech Machinery 20 Grooved Steel Drum
Optional grooved steel drum is available for heavy calibrating environments or constant sanding of large hardwood panels.
Northtech Machinery 21 Cleaning Brush
The cleaning brush option improves the working environment and allows further part processing to be dust free. A 1/2 HP suction motor and hood are inclusive to brush head.
Northtech Machinery 22 Vacuum Table
This device is fitted with a high efficiency electric vacuum pump and easily operated from front control panel. Vacuum table system allows processing of small wood components as well as thinner sheet stock or thick veneers that must be held firmly while finish sanding.

200 Series Technical Specifications:
ModelNT-EV-920 RCNT-EV-1100 RCNT-EV-1300 RC
Working Width915mm1100mm1300mm
Working Thickness3-150mm3-150mm3-150mm
Belt Motor20HP(25HP)25HP(30HP)30HP(40HP)
Feed Motor2HP2HP2HP
Feed Speed15-60FPM15-60FPM15-60FPM
Lifting Motor0.5HP0.5HP0.5HP
Belt Size940x1900mm (37"x75")1120x2160mm (44"x85")1320x2160mm (52"x85")
Net Weight1600 kgs1750 kgs1900 kgs

200 Series Technical Specifications:
Working Width915mm1100mm1300mm
Working Thickness3-150mm3-150mm3-150mm
Belt Motor20/15HP (25/20HP)25/20HP (30/20HP)30/25HP (40/30HP)
Feed Motor2HP2HP3HP
Feed Speed15-60FPM15-60FPM15-60FPM
Lifting Motor0.5HP0.5HP0.5HP
Belt Size940x1900mm (37"x75")1120x2160mm (44"x85")1320x2160mm (52"x85")
Net Weight2300 kgs2600 kgs3000 kgs

200 Series Technical Specifications:
Working Width915mm1100mm1300mm
Working Thickness3-150mm3-150mm3-150mm
Belt Motor20/15/10HP (25/20/15HP)25/20/15HP (30/25/20HP)30/25/20HP (40/30/25HP)
Feed Motor3HP3HP3HP
Feed Speed15-60FPM15-60FPM15-60FPM
Lifting Motor0.5HP0.5HP0.5HP
Belt Size940x1900mm (37"x75")1120x2160mm (44"x85")1320x2160mm (52"x85")
Net Weight2700 kgs3100 kgs3600 kgs

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200 Series
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