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Moulders - Leadermac

Moulder, Leadermac Hypermac Series, Moulder

Leadermac Hypermac Series Moulder  Photo

Leadermac Hypermac Series Moulder

Outstanding Features:

  • Full Sound & Safety Enclosure with internal lighting system .
  • One-piece, cast iron machine frame is specially heat treated for standard configurations.
  • Extra Heavy Feed Beam supported at each end of the beam on 2 large supporting columns.
  • Feed System is Chainless Full HD Cardan Shaft with very heavy gearboxes and universals
  • Faster feed speeds of up to 120 fpm (40m/min) are standard and to 150 fpm(45m/min) or 200 fpm(60m/min) are optional.
  • Pneumatic pressure of the Top Feed Rolls can be easily set to provide the best feed roll pressure. Separate Pressure controls for top Infeed, Midfeed & Outfeed Rolls
  • Pneumatic Pressure easily adjusted to Side Head Holdover Rolls as well as the Top Head Chipbreaker(s)
  • Precision Spindle Assemblies each including 4 Precision Bearings ABEC 7 for highest tolerances
  • Spindles Speeds are std. 6,000 rpm and 7,200rpm/8,000 rpm are optional
  • Adjustment of each spindle can be easily performed using the front adjustment control.
  • Each spindle is driven by an individual motor for powerful machining and easy control.
  • REC Setworks - Programmable controller provides convenient thickness & width of cut settings. More Powered Top & Full Width Bottom Rolls then most of our competition
  • Exclusive, separate adjustment of the vertical spindles and the support tables allow the support tables to be positioned extremely close to the side cutterheads to provide added cutting stability.
  • Hard-Chrome Plating to all Table Surfaces, Chip Breakers, Pressure Plates and Main Guide for maximum wear resistance.
  • Dual Digital Counters on Near Side Head & Top Head(s) Radial Set & Digital Readouts for all heads Axial and Radial as well as counters on Chip Breakers & Pressure Plate(s).
  • Automatic Table Lube System included
  • Central lubrication system - lubrication points located from front of machine.
  • Electrics to UL/CSA Standards and are 230/460 or 575/3/60 con convert to single phase optional

Available Options:

  • 10.2, 12 or 13 Width and/or 8 or 10 Thickness
  • Feed Speeds to 150 fpm(45m/min) or 200 fpm(60m/min)
  • Special Configurations available on Request:
  • Smartset Operator touch screen to load desired sizes and download to the machine
  • which is equipped with Dual Electronic Digital Readouts Top Desired position and bottom actual set position
  • Smartset Advanced - Touch Screen Moulder Control System Maintain all history files, downloads info from the grinding room, triple electronic position readouts for each axis, precision sets, troubleshooting, etc.
  • H.D. 2/2 Feedworks for Rough Material or Tough application Hi-Speed Feeding
  • Quik Axial Set of 4 (100mm) adjustment to the side heads so that you can stack heads on top of each other for quick pattern changes
  • Hydro-Loc Outboards for horizontal spindle support on high speed & wider machines
  • Precision Auto Straight &/or profile jointers
  • Tilting Top Beam, Chipbreakers &/or Pressure Plate
  • Angling Side Head Spindle(s)
  • Grooved Beds for very Short Stock Feeding
  • Universal Head or Rip Attachment is optional
  • Stand alone operators console &/or remote Hand held Pendant control
  • CE Specifications and 380 or 415/3/50 electrics also available

Standard Machine Specifications
Working Width
0.78"~9.1 10.2", 12" or 13" (20-230mm, 160mm, 300mm or 330mm)
Working Thickness
0.39"-6", 8 or 10 (10-150mm,200mm or 250mm)
Number of Spindles
1 - 10
Motor Capacity per spindle
7.5HP to 40HP
Feed motor (VFD Controlled)
7.5HP ~ 20 HP
Spindle Speed
6000, 7200 or 8000 RPM
Spindle diameter
1 13/16, 40mm, 50mm, or 2 1/8"
Feed speed, infinitely variable
19.5~120 FPM (6-36 m/min), 150 fpm(45m/min) or 200 fpm(60m/min) are optional.
Length of the infeed table
32(0.8m), 55(1.4m), 78.7" (2m); 98 (2.5m) or 120 (3m)

Leadermac Hypermac Moulder
Leadermac Hypermac Moulder
LMC 630H+ - 12(300mm) width 6 Head HD Moulder. Note easy access with new enclosure design Pneumatic controls easily accessible for control of feed rolls, chip breakers, pressure plates, hold-overs.
Leadermac Hypermac Moulder
Leadermac Hypermac Moulder
HD 2/2 Infeed drive rolls with heavy pneumatic hold over and anti double up gate Side Head Section with Pneumatic Side Head Jointer
Leadermac Hypermac Moulder
Leadermac Hypermac Moulder
Short Stock Feed Attachment as supplied with Hypermac
120fpm (to 36m/min) machine
Top & Bottom Head Hydro-loc Outboard Bearing assemblies for wider machines and jointed machines
Leadermac Hypermac Moulder
Leadermac Hypermac Moulder
Remote Pedestal Control with Std. REC Near Side and Top Head Setworks Controls Optional Smartset Advanced PLC Control with Touch Screen for full setworks system and downloaded information and control from the grinding room. Also includes history and huge information library
Leadermac Hypermac Moulder
Leadermac Hypermac Moulder
Heavy Duty Cardan Shaft Drive and with over sized gearboxes gear boxes
TECO-Westinghouse Motors
Optional profile jointer(shown) and /or straight jointer on side head
Leadermac Hypermac Moulder
Leadermac Hypermac Moulder
Optional profile and straight jointing on top/bottom heads. Also split pressure shoes optional. Optional opposed side heads

Manufacturer Machine Model Stock Number
Hypermac Series
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