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New and Used Woodworking Machinery and Woodworking Equipment

New and used Woodworking Machinery ? WW Thayer Company offers a huge online selection with detailed descriptions and photographs; machines like CNC Routers, Moulders, Wide Belt Sanders, Edgebanders, Sliding Table Saws and many, many others. Please check the New and Used Woodworking Machinery and Equipment brands we have to offer or look at the types of woodworking machines we have to offer on the left side of this page. Also be sure to check out the featured woodworking machines in the table below.

Featured New & Used Woodworking Machinery and Equipment

Sell Your Used Woodworking Machinery, Liquidations, Auctions, Consignments Buy - Sell - Trade - Consignment - Plant Liquidation - Auction - Repossession - Remarket - Sell My Woodworking Machinery - Woodworking Equipment Biesse - Akron 420 Biesse - Akron 420 - Biesse Akron 420 Edgebander
Northtech - NT-1100RC-1 Northtech - NT-1100RC-1 - Northtech NT-1100RC-1 (2) Head Wide Belt Sander Mereen Johnson - 312-DC-OPH Mereen Johnson - 312-DC-OPH - Mereen Johnson 312 DC OPH Gang Rip Saw with Camlocks; only 411 hours

CNC Router Central: New and Used CNC Router and CNC Routers Accessories
  • New and Used CNC Router: C.R. Onsrud, Komo, Multicam, Thermwood, Biesse and Other CNC Routers
  • 3 Axis and 5 Axis CNC Routers

  • Onsrud Cutter CNC Router Bits
  • Huge Online Selection, Great Prices!!!
  • Most CNC Router Bits ship the same Day

Hofer - KDP Hofer - KDP - Hofer KDP Case Clamp Timesavers - 143-2HD60 Timesavers - 143-2HD60 - Timesavers 143-2HD60 (2) Head Wide Belt Sander
Brandt - KDN-530C Brandt - KDN-530C - Brandt Edgebander KDN-530C Gannomat - 260 Gannomat - 260 - Gannomat 260 Case Clamp

Aluminum Saw
  • Aluminum Miter Saws
  • Compound Miter Cut Saws
  • Double Miter Saws
  • Double Compound Miter Saws
  • Cut Off Saws and Chop Saws
  • Automatic Cut Off Saws
  • Whirlwind Upcut Saws and Cut Off Saws
  • Aluminum CNC
  • For Aluminum, Also saws Non-Ferrous Metals, Wood, Plastics, and Composites

CTD - CDM-60 CTD - CDM-60 - CTD CDM-60 Double End Trim Compound Mitre Saw Midwest Automation - 5033R Midwest Automation - 5033R - Midwest Automation 5033 Cutting Station with Laser
Leadermac - LMC-623C Leadermac - LMC-623C - Leadermac Moulder LMC-623C Denray Denray - Denray Downdraft Tables, Sanding Tables, and Dust Booths

Toolsxp: Onsrud CNC Router Bits, Techniks CNC Router Toolholders, FS Tool CNC Router Bits, LRH
  • Onsrud Cutter - CNC Router Bits
  • FS Tool - Carbide Sawblades - Carbide Tipped Saw Blades
  • Techniks - CNC Router Tool Holders & CNC Router Tooling

JLT Clamps JLT Clamps - JLT Clamps, Miter Door Clamps, Panel Clamps, Window and Door Clamps, and Frame Clamps CTD CTD - CTD Cut Off Saw, Chop Saws, Upcut Saws, Miter Saws, and Compound Miter Saws
Safety Speed Cut Safety Speed Cut - Safety Speed Cut: Panel Saws, Wide Belt Sanders and Panel Routers Original Saw Original Saw - Original Radial Arm Saws for wood, metal, aluminum and non-ferrous

Used Woodworking Machinery and Equipment: Buy - Sell Trade- Plant Liquidations - Bank Repossessions

WW Thayer Company buys, sells, trades and consigns used Woodworking Machinery; we can help with the sale of one machine or an entire plant liquidation. In addition we deal in the repossession and remarketing of used woodworking machinery and equipment. Many of the used woodworking machines listed on our site are bank owned repossessions from banks, lease companies and other financial institutions.

Woodworking Machines aren't just for Wood anymore: CNC Routers, Aluminum Saws, Wide Belt Sanders, Panel Saws and others

Many of the woodworking machines WW Thayer Company offers can be used to machine aluminum, non-ferrous metals, plastics and composites. Please check out the Aluminum Saws to saw aluminum, Chop Saws, Precision Cut off Saws, and Miter Saws along with various saw measuring systems from Glidestop and Razorgage. In addition please check out the Wide Belt Sanders, Panel Saws and Dust Collectors as these are effective woodworking machines to process other materials.

While CNC Routers are great for wood; the accuracy and repeatability make them a great machine for other materials like aluminum, composites, plastics and non-ferrous metals. Please look at the CNC Routers and CNC Router Tooling we have to offer at our new site CNCRouterCentral.com. We are offering a huge selection of new and used CNC Routers, Onsrud Spiral Router Bits, Becker Vacuum Pumps, Techniks Toolholders and Aggregate heads for Woodworking and other industries.

Please call and speak to one of our knowledgeable and friendly salespeople today, we can help you the selection for new and used woodworking machinery and equipment.

Our New and Used Woodworking Machine listings are changing continuously, Call us toll free at 1-800-323-7430 if you don't find what you are looking for


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Boring - CNC, Point to Point
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Counter Top Machinery
Dovetailers - Dovetail
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Laminating - Presses
Material Handling
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Sanders - Edge - Stroke
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Saws - Bandsaw - Metal
Saws - Bandsaw - Resaw
Saws - Cut Off Saws
Saws - Gang Rip Saws
Saws - Mitre - Notching Saw
Saws - Panel Saw
Saws - Radial Arm Saw
Saws - Sliding Table Saw
Saws - Straight Line Rip
Saws - Table Saw
Shapers - Shape & Sands
Vacuum Pumps
Window Machinery

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AluminumEquip.com: Aluminum Equipment, Machines and Machinery:
• Aluminum Saw
• Aluminum CNC
• Aluminum Miter Saws
• Compound Miter Saws
• Double Miter Saws
• Precision Miter Saws

Onsrud Cutter Router Bits at Toolsxp.com

Onsrud Cutter CNC Router Bits

• CNC Router Bits
• Spiral Router Bits

FS Tool Saw Blades

FS Tool

• Great Prices
• Free Freight on orders over $200

CNC Router Central for New & Used CNC Routers

5 Axis CNC Router

• 3 Axis CNC Routers
• 5 Axis CNC Routers
• Haas
• Thermwood
• Multicam
• Komo
• CR Onsrud

Aluminum Equipment

Aluminum CNC Machine & Equipment

• Aluminum Saws
• Compound Miter Saws
• Double Miter Saws
• Double Compound Miter Saws
• Aluminum CNC for Extrusions

Woodworking Machinery - Used Woodworking Machinery - Woodworking Equipment and Woodworking Machines
WW Thayer Company offers Equipment to Saw Aluminum - Aluminum Cut Off Saws, CNC Router, Window Equipment,
Wide Belt Sanders, Moulders and Sliding Table Saws
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